A boring read but if you’re interested please read on!!

Created through frustration of trying to find mens t shirts and casual polo shirts for big men!

As a larger gent, I could never find T Shirts and Polo Shirts that were comfortable with the right fit and right length to be able to tuck in without the gut popping out at the most awkward of times, or the length was right but the chest width was too tight or too loose. Damn sleeves would ride my arm pits like a bride on her wedding night or would be as loose as a sleeve of a wizard!

Forced to shop in the same shops all the time and have the same shirts as the next guy I pass in the street. All that did my head in and so decided to create my own brand basically so I had something different to wear. 


I'm a pretty basic guy and just wanted polo shirts I could wear out to dinner or T shirts at home casually or out. I wanted shirts that had multiple uses so I didn't need a million shirts for all different occasions, basically because I was only allowed to have the last 2 foot of the wardrobe for my clothes as the rest of it was used hanging all of the "important" clothing of the female variety.

So Black and White it was...... I could wear them with just about anything and it would go ! I didn't have to worry about being told I looked like a slob or I didn't match, or anything else us men need to deal with when spending that mind numbing 3 minutes getting ready for the day. The designs, well they were just born from me liking flames, skulls and being a little dark minded. The Warrior in the logo was simply to indicate the continual fight I have to succeed in the world.


I have included heaps of options for us all. I figured that even small guys deserve cool clothing to wear so the sizing goes from Medium right through to 8XL. So not only can you choose a size that will hopefully fit you but you have the option of black and white, T Shirt or Polo, and any design you want provided I have it on the site and it’s for sale and in stock. As time progresses I might even throw in some singlets, hoodies and full button up dress shirts. Who knows....It depends on whether you guys like my shirts enough to wear them.


Clearly what I am doing here is trying to offer you what I think are cool shirts. We all have different tastes in designs of shirts but for us gents who are a little larger than most the fit is important. I don't know about you guys but I don't like the cold wind tickling my cock awning because the shirt is too short or my man boobs being all tied up in the tight chest of a badly fitting shirt.

If you’re interested, I would be more than happy to receive some feedback based on your experience of my shirts so together we can make positive changes along the way for the good of the cool Aussie man. Don't get me wrong, even the smaller guys these T Shirts and Polos will look great on.

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